Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Dream

               I am starting this blog in hopes of fulfilling the dream I started many, many years ago.  Most of you know about my adoption of Alyssa.  It is important to me that people understand she will always be my daughter.  I will always love her and miss her tremendously, but I have been faced with the reality that I will never see her again.
             I have decided to attempt to adopt again. The agency that destroyed my dreams and Alyssa's future will not return any of the money I turned over to their staff.  They made a small offer, but it was hush money and I could not accept it and watch others continue to be hurt by them.
             I have applied for a loan that will cover some of the expenses but only if granted.  I will still about $13,000 short of funds.  A friend suggested I set up this website in hopes that some of the people who have followed my story might want to help.

Paying it Forward

            It is very humbling to create this site, actually it is down right embarrassing.  But, another friend came up with a great idea that made me feel better about doing this.  The group I mentioned above provides loans to people who wish to adopt.  Once I am home with the child (there is a little boy who's agency said they would put him on hold for me as soon as I know I can fund the adoption) I will begin paying forward any money donated here.  Between any court settlement I receive and the adoption refund, I would like to match what is donated here, by donating it to the fund that gave me the original loan.  That way others can move forward and adopt too.
              I know times are difficult.  If you can't help, I completely understand.  Your friendships and day to day support are worth far more than any donation!
Thank you so much,
P.S. Check back soon - I am also opening an Ebay account - lots of neat stuff to be listed soon


  1. I'm in!!! So happy for you Linda! Let me put my brain to work....I will try to come up with some ideas for you too! Peace my RQ friend!
    Renee and Samantha

  2. Hi Linda, I am heartbroken for you both. I was wondering if you are trying to sue the agency? I would think that since they set you up with a child trafficker they would be liable for the damages they caused. I kills me to think they have gotten away scot-free.

  3. Yes, I am. But can not comment on it at this time. I don't believe they will be getting away scotfree, but I am afraid I have to let the system work at it's own pace.
    Ren, thanks so much!! Let me know if you get any brain storms. I am putting together an ebay account and have already taken photos of stuff to begin posting.
    Thanks tons ladies! I just told my friend I may actually have a smile on my face when I go to bed tonight ... been a very long time since that happened...thanks!

  4. Linda, your strength is inspiring. I have been following your story for years on RQ and I was heartbroken as Alyssa's story came to light. I pray that she is safe. I am so excited to hear that you haven't given up on your dream to become a mom. I wish I could contribute more. You are in my thoughts!

  5. LInda,

    My wish for you is that happiness and motherhood will soon be yours. Moving forward with hope takes courage and I'm so glad you are willing to dream the dream of child in your arms once again. Alyssa will always be part of who you are but another child can and should be too.

    Sending my support and best wishes!

    Wendy (Bloomer)

  6. Anonymous and everyone else. Please, PLEASE do not say, think or feel "I wish I could contribute more" Your friendships and support are PRICELESS! A lot of people have followed along on this rather bumpy journey with me. If each of those people just donated a dollar each, this just might be do-able! =) Please, hope and believe along side of me .. what more could I ask for? =)